World Wide Photo Walk 2013 - garyslens


Stuck at home feeling isolated because of COVID-19?

Have some fun playing this game from @garyslens. Get out your cell phone and get creative. Find 80 things to take photos of and post them on Facebook with #80athome.

Take your time, think of things from new angles, try to fool people with what you are taking a photo of. They don't have to be super amazing. Use minimal editing only. Try different textures, but most of all, have fun.

Why 80? Because that's all Facebook will allow you to upload at one time! Done your 80 images? Do another 80, and another... maybe 80 images every day of March Break.

You can keep your "social distance" and have fun sharing your images with other people on line.

Guess and rate other people's photos. It's addictive, give it a try! Oh, and here's mine (all taken today). If you're not sure what one is, take a guess and ask... let's see if others can guess too. 

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